Vet Clinics
Install a K9000 and you’ll quickly transform your business from a veterinary practice to a destination for dog lovers. One of our owners in a Vet Clinic described her machine as a “pampered pooch magnet” due to the increase in foot traffic it had driven for her business.

The K9000 often results in new clients for a practice, with owners who stop by to give their pup a wash often booking in for a check up at a later date.
As the machine is so complimentary to your Vet Clinic, the benefits will be wide ranging. Dog owners also tend to pick up treats and food after a wash, so over time your machine will actually generate more than just income from the wash.
Testimonial - Karingal Vet
In 2008, Dr. Scott Tinson identified the K9000 as a great add on to his already busy Vet Clinic in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs.
Being one of the first Vet Clinics to jump in and install a K9000 meant that Dr. Tinson was one of the first to see the real benefits of the K9000 presence at his site.

“Not only did we start to see additional revenue directly from the dogwash, we also began to see new clients in our clinic- who had visited the dogwash.” stated Dr. Tinson

“On the other side, we found our existing clients were now visiting the dogwash- increasing their overall spend at the site.”

Dr. Tinson’s machines are now 11 years old and still performing as well as the day they were installed. The only major service was completed at the 10 year mark and the K9000 team were on hand to complete the task, even upgrading some of the parts to current spec to improve performance of the machine.