Independent Dog Wash
A stand alone DIY Dogwash would have been a pipe dream 15 years ago. Today, we have dozens of sites across our network that are operating in their own stand alone location, or adjacent to an existing unrelated business. The beauty of this type of site is that it can be run with very minimal labour content by someone who also has a full time job. The K9000 creates a passive income stream that continues to work while you put up your feet and relax!

We have a large group of K9000 owners who have set up a network of machines that continue to grow- some with over 10 x sites, all being attached to sites that they do not own. It can work as a rental agreement with the site owner or they may choose to setup a revenue share arrangement. There are many options that can be negotiated. One thing we know for sure, is that you will be loving the K9000 and the passive income stream that it provides.
Testimonial - Woof Wash
Woof Wash DIY based in Marrickville in Sydney is a K9000 success story. Opened up at Christmas (2013), Woof Wash DIY, is fast becoming a very popular place for inner city dog owners to wash their dogs.

Business owner Rhea Liebmann, could see that a dog wash would work very well in Marrickville because, “the area is full of lots of young couples and singles with dogs, very small houses, and nowhere to wash their dogs.”

“Its going fabulously. All the people love it. And I am very, very happy with it”, said Rhea

Things have gone so well at Rhea’s first site, she has recently opened a second location in a neighbouring suburb with another reliable K9000.

Rhea initially came up with the idea to set up a DIY dog wash business in 2012 and approached us to discuss her ideas with them. We were able to give Rhea good advice and answered all the questions she had about setting up her dog wash. She wanted her own branded dog wash business, so we supplied her with the dog wash and she came up with her own custom graphics which the Tru Blu team printed for her in-house.

“The team at K9000 are fantastic. They have been really helpful. When I first rang them they told me everything I needed to know about how the machine worked”

Rhea found setting up the first dog wash was very easy, her only difficulty was finding an appropriate location for the dog wash site. She eventually found that at The Metro Service Station in Marrickville.

TruBlu were able to recommend a plumber and an electrician to install the machine.

“It was easy. The only thing I had to do was to turn up and turn it on’” said Rhea.

Rhea has a day job at the Heritage Trains Exhibition at the Sydney Technology Park. She visits her dog wash sites twice a week to check on it, give it a clean and top up the shampoo products. Her labour input is around 30-60 mins per week.

“I do the Woof Wash stuff after hours and on weekends. Its really not that difficult to manage”