The Car wash industry is where the K9000 was born. The K9000 was created as a mini carwash for dogs, and now evolved into a future proofed vending solution with future proof technology. The K9000 is now a part of a standard offering at most carwash sites and is a key driver of extra traffic for customers to the site and use all the associated services. The small physical footprint required to place a K9000 at a carwash is small in comparison to large wash bays- meaning there is huge bang for buck for a relatively small investment.
Testimonial - Hoppy’s Hand Wash
Hoppy’s Hand Wash Café is a well established business based in the Brisbane, QLD area.

With 9 locations and growing, Hoppy’s is well recognized for providing an all inclusive service to their valued customers.

The K9000 dogwash has been an integral part of the on site offering since Hoppy’s purchased their first machine in 2013. Hoppy’s have installed 2 x units at each of their sites, ensuring that there is no waiting time for dogwash customers.

Director Cameron Johns says the reliability of the machines and the quality of the build meant it was a easy decision to install the units at all the sites in their network. Being positioned with the handwash carwash and café will often see customers spend extra time at the site and utilize the other services on site.

“It is always great that we can talk to someone on the phone if we need any assistance and the team at K9000 are always very helpful.” Said Johns.

“The units are built strong and we know that we can rely on the machine to generate steady additional revenue at all of our sites”

Born in the carwash industry, the K9000 is a perfect partnership for all carwashes to bring extra traffic and revenue to their sites. It is now accepted as an industry standard to have a K9000 within a carwash site, whether it be an automated site, full self serve or partially staffed site offering detailing and café services.