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The rapidly developing Coronavirus situation worldwide is providing many challenges to society and our normal everyday lives.
As we all adjust, we wanted to reassure everyone that washing your dog in the K9000 is safe, and particularly important as we strive for excellence in hygiene practices across the board.

The K9000 HydroBath Flush Disinfectant product that we supply for the machine contains the active ingredient benzalkonium chloride. The manufacturer has advised that Disinfectants containing this ingredient are effective in killing this family of viruses if they are present in the dog wash tub. We recommend all users of the K9000 should Disinfect the tub before and after washing their dog.
As an extra precaution, it is recommended that all other surfaces on the K9000 be wiped down with alcohol-based wipes to ensure best practice hygiene is maintained.

The soap products we supply for the machine in our K9000 range are all sourced locally here in Australia and the supply of these has not been compromised in any way during this time.
We have full stocks available of all products, including the K9000 HydroBath Flush Disinfectant.
Contact our team on (03) 5562 9088 or email [email protected] for more information on our soap products.
We wish for everyone to stay safe and healthy during this time and ensure to follow the government recommendations as we are all in this together. Keep washing Dogs!
The K9000 team.

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