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Video Competition Winners 2015

K9000 Dog Wash Video Competition winners announced...


We asked for fun, imaginative, engaging and creative videos about dogs (extra points for videos that referenced the K9000 Dog Wash) and we are overwhelmed with the standard of movies we received.

Thank you to all entrants who made a submission to the K9000 Dog Wash Video competition. We are delighted by the response from varying ages and parts of Australia.

It was a difficult decision to make but with the help of a judging panel we were able to choose our winners.


FIRST PRIZE WINNER -  Lego needs a wash! by Simon Potts



We are pleased to announce the First Prize winner is Simon Potts who wrote, directed and edited his short film – "Lego needs a wash!"


We are very impressed that Simon blew the saying , “Never work with animals or children” out of the water by enlisting his dog Lego and his children to “act” in his film. His film is funny and clever and is a great advert for the K9000 Dog Wash. We love it!


Simon wins the 1st prize valued at $900 - GoPro Hero3+Black edition and Accessories.


The package includes a GoPro Fetch Harness, 64 GB Lexar Memory card, Grab bag of mounts and Jaws flex clamp.





This is a short film about a seemingly stinky dog called Lego.  As Lego approaches the children that live in her household, she is rejected any love or attention due to the repugnant odours from her body!  As the children shout at her, she begins to wine and cry, walking off, feeling down and rejected...

But fear not..  As Lego has an 'IDEA'...


And so begins her journey to the other side of town (Warrnambool) to get to K9000 for a wash.  On arrival she gives herself a clean and then returns home hoping to be greeted by the children who will shower her with hugs and kisses.


You have to watch to see how this saga unfolds, will she be loved or rejected??




Starring: The main actress is Lego the dog. Lucas and Hazel Potts play the role of the children of the household.


Filmmaker, Simon Potts said, “Initially I wanted to shoot the film with a quad-copter but the quality of the footage was poor, this however spouted the idea of an action type of production.  The mention of extra brownie points for incorporating K9000 essentially provided the purpose and plot for the film.”


Simon directed and shot the film on his iPhone with the assistance of Lucas, who was in charge of; throwing the ball, holding and calling Lego to move.  Lego is fairly obedient but not well trained in commands and therefore this took a huge amount of coaxing and 'grip' work to set the scenes. Simon also edited the movie with the assistance of Lucas to select the shots, sounds and music.


SECOND PRIZE WINNER - Furry Friends by Caroline Badcock and Kim Rowlings


The team at K9000 Dog Wash want to congratulate Caroline Badcock and Kim Rowlings, who both directed, filmed and edited the footage together, for winning SECOND PRIZE with her film "Furry Friends" in our Video Competition.

Caroline has won herself a 32 GB IPad Mini - Wifi + Cellular with retina display valued at $770!




The film 'Furry Friends' is a short story about three dogs, from completely different lifestyles,  who love to meet up every month at the k9000 dog wash.

Starring Totoro the St Bernard (city dog),  Maliki the Husky X (small town dog) and Blanche the Border Collie (farm dog).





The film was co- directed and filmed by Caroline Badcock and Kim Rowlings from Tasmania.


Caroline said, “Kim and I often take the dogs around the state for outings and they regularly use your dog wash prior to the road trips and photos being taken of them. The idea of the film came from the regular trips we have.”


Caroline and Kim both worked together to direct the dogs. Some of the dogs are easier to work/train with their owners so we took turns filming. Editing was done by Caroline and Kim chose the music.


THIRD PRIZE WINNER - Spoodle Caboodle By Ahliya Harris


Spoodle's Caboodle from Ahliya Harris on Vimeo.




This film is about Spoodle Asia's country life. See what tricks and fun Asia the Caboodle gets up to with her friends Ora the sheep and Snickers the horse on their farm.




Talented sixteen year old Ahilya Harris, from Port Campbell, Victoria, made her film using an iPad mini and she also edited it.

Ahilya said “My inspiration for creating this film, was the area I live in, my love for not only dogs but other animals and having a great time.”


Ahliya Harris has won a Doggy Hamper - treats/leads/dog soap/balls etc etc. valued at $300


"Cheers to K9000 Dog Wash for the lovely smelling Spoodle after a day of fun and feasting!"


Check out more of our favorite films that were submitted to the K9000 Dog Wash Video Competition:


Breaking Blu by Tyler Hamilton




This is one for the Breaking Bad fans. Breaking Blu uses the idea that whilst the K9000 is pretty technical and scientific, it isn't as complicated as many other methods are. It shows how easy using new Tru Blu (K9000 Dog Wash) services is compared to struggling to do it yourself.




Directed, filmed and edited by Tyler Hamilton from Albury-Wodonga.


The film stars Jake, as the cook in orange and Tyler’s Jack Russell, Bailey.

Tyler said, “I have an interest in making mock commercials for real and fake products and really wanted to try something different. I used the idea of science in the K9000, mixed with the science in my favourite show, Breaking Bad. I wanted to do something dark to be contrasted with the light feeling the Tru Blu brand projects.”


Junior & Teddy - Best Friends By Kayles Fuller



Junior & Teddy is about two puppy dogs and their friendship, and all the fun times their owners have had with them!

The film stars Junior (French Mastiff), Teddy (Shitzu x Mini Fox Terrier), Kayles and Ants (the humans).




Directed, filmed and edited by Kayles Fuller from Melbourne.

Kayles said his inspiration for making this film was “to "Wow" viewers with our two super cool pups.”




Junior & Teddy was filmed at Kingston Vet Hospital Dog Wash, and shot all around different places in Melbourne - including Parkdale.


My Dog By Le Lou and Ariel




Introducing Mischa and her owner Le Lou strutting their stuff on the cat walk (or should we say dog walk?). Crazy outfits and super stylistic, Mischa and Le Lou set the trend for dog fashionistas everywhere!




Created by primary school students Le Lou and Ariel using their iPad. Starring Mischa and her owner Le Lou.






Toby by Jesse Till




This film stars the very athletic Toby, the Border Collie (with his Olympic-level long-jump ability.) The film was shot at Norvall Dam, near Ararat.




This film was directed, filmed and made by Jesse Till from Ararat.

Jesse said, “I went for a simple approach in the style of a commercial. I guess it was basically to show that some people will go to any length to wash their dog, even trick them into jumping into a lake when in actual fact, it's far easier to use a K9000 Dog wash.”


“I also would like to point out that Toby thoroughly loves diving into the water. The hardest part is trying to convince him to come out!”






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