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Invest in the best

Self Serve Dog Wash

The self-serve K9000® Dog Wash


DIY dog wash stations are a growing trend in Australia and overseas. Dog owners love the fact they can take the messy job of washing their dog out of their own bathrooms and laundries – and they’re willing to pay for it. 


That’s why DIY dog wash stations are being installed at car washes, pet stores, vet clinics, service stations ….  even convenience stores and laundromats. With solid returns for these business owners, they’re a great investment.


Beleura Veterinary Hospital- K9000 Testimonial from K9000 Dog Wash on Vimeo.


Owner of Beleura Veterinary Hospital, Penny Broadbent, testifies that installing two K9000 Dog washes at her Veterinary Hospital has increased the amount of customers to her business. The K9000 Dog Washes are in use every day and has meant extra income and extra clients.






Invest in the best 


As demand increases for dog owners to use DIY dog wash stations, you need to know your machine is going to stand up to the punishing and continuous work and ensure consistency of operation, delivering great results for dog and business owners, each and every time. 


That’s why more business owners trust the ultra-reliable, high performance K9000® Dog Wash. It is simply the best design on the market today for washing dogs of all shapes and sizes.


Not only does the K9000® bring more foot traffic into your existing business, but the minimum $10, 10-minute wash system* guarantees a solid return on investment – and, because it’s a lot cheaper than mobile dog wash services, it appeals to dog owners too. 


* Note:  The price and time settings are fully programmable.


K9000® features include;

  • Fully self-contained, coin-operated dog wash.
  • Engineered using quality kitchen finish stainless steel. 
  • Optional extras to suit your specific site.
  • Uniquely designed driers – two types to suit hot and cold climates.
  • Auditing feature to track usage.
  • Technologically advanced product dispensing.
  • Low water consumption.
  • 2nd generation drainage system to ensure hair-free and water-free floor.
  • A disinfectant function to clean the machine after each use.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Full support and servicing.
  • 12-month warranty.
  • Designed for high volume and long lifespan.

How the K9000® works

The fully self-contained K9000® Dog Wash will shampoo, condition, blow-dry and flea tick dogs in just 10 minutes. Any dog owner can use it to wash their canine.



Here are the basic steps involved:


1.    Lead the dog into the tub and secure them with a simple catch-chain. 
2.    Insert $10-$12 (price determined by the K9000® operator) to start the wash cycle. More coins can be deposited after the standard cycle to continue washing. 
3.    Wash the dog using a soft-touch, adjustable wash gun, premium washing products and fresh, temperature-controlled water. 
4.    Dry the dog using the two-speed drier. 
5.    Use the disinfect cycle to wash the K9000® basin and ensure that it’s clean and ready to go for the next user. 




Want to know more about how the K9000® can bring additional revenue into your existing business?  Contact us today.

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