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04th September 2015

Makka's Postcard

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You may remember the couple who sold up their home in Cairns, Queensland in 2013, and began life on the road with their dog Makka? Read David, Kaz and their dog Makka. Well, they are still are on the road, living the dream...and we are pretty proud to be part of that dream. As you may have already read somewhere, we are one of the sponsors of their trip. To be precise, we keep Makka clean whereever he goes by giving him FREE dog washes. We think its pretty important to have a clean smelling dog if your planning to spend a long time in the car with each other!


Did you know that Makka has visited over 60 dog washes around Australia? He is one well-travelled dog...


Kaz and Dave sent us these photos and greeting this week,

"Haven't been able to touch base for a while as we have been working on a sheep and cattle station in the Flinders Ranges near Leigh Creek. 
Been here for nearly 4 months now and Makka hasn't been able to have a K9000 wash in all that time.
We had a few days off and headed down to the Yorke Peninsula for a look around and guess what?.. we found a K9000 Dog Wash at Kadina.
Here are the before, during and after shots.

Hope all is going well with you guys.

Kaz , David and Makka"

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