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10th November 2015

2016 Dog Calendar now available!

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Calendar 2016 now available!

What a fantastic Christmas gift idea for any dog lover!


This is the second year that we have called on our wonderfully talented customers for stand out dog photographs to create our annual K9000 Dog Wash Dog Calendar. We had a hard time choosing which dogs would ‘make the cut’ so to speak because we had over 50 photographs to choose from. What we did achieve in the end for our 2016 calendar was a fantastic mix of beautiful images and amusing stories.


Our calendar includes Maxi the dachshund who thinks he is a kelpie and is exceptional at rounding up sheep, Ziggy the Japanese Spitz, who after failing at a ‘show-dog’ career turned to modelling, Poppy the Pomeranian x Japanese Spitz who was kicked out of South Yarra due to her yapping and is now a farm dog, and Harley the street kid, who was adopted from Warrnambool’s RSPCA.

Our calendars are available to be picked up from the RSPCA Shelter in Warrnambool or from our K9000 Dog Wash at 34 Caramut Road, Warrnambool. The calendars cost $5 with ALL proceeds going directly to the RSCPA Shelter in Warrnambool.


Calendar pick up:

RSCPA Shelter
23 Braithwaite Street, Warrnambool VIC 3280
(03) 5561 2591
9am-4pm Weekdays




K9000 Dog Wash
34 Caramut Road
Warrnambool Vic 3280
9am-5pm Weekdays



Email: to order your calendar


The Warrnambool RSPCA Shelter currently has approximately 25 volunteers. You can make a big difference to RSPCA animals by volunteering, donating or adopting.


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