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05th May 2015

Doggy Day Care with a difference

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After seeing some really cool K9000 Dog Wash photos and videos on Facebook that were posted by Hound Habits DogTraining, I asked business owner Sarah Chapman if I could interview her for a guest blog. Sarah uses social media extensively to promote her doggy day trip and dog training business. She posts great photos and videos of dogs running, jumping and having fun in her care. Her Facebook page is full of happy dogs at the beach and park. And, did I happen to mention she uses the K9000 Dog Wash 3-4 times a week to wash the dogs before she returns them to their owners?

Photos Courtesy of Hound Habits DogTraining: After a day out at the park or beach, Sarah takes her pack of dogs to get a wash.


Hound Habits DOGGY DAY TRIPS is designed for those who…

  1. Want their dog to be EXHAUSTED
  2. Want their dog to learn how to play and socialise properly
  3. Just had a baby and have no spare time to spend hours at the dog park
  4. Are away on holiday and want to give their dogs a treat
  5. Your dog had a bad experience and you’re too fearful to take them back, but you want them to stay social
  6. You dont know how to read dog body language
  7. Your last dog was “difficult” and you want your new puppy to be the best it can be
  8. Your dog has separation anxiety
  9. You’re only home in the dark
  10. You’re too weak/sick to walk the dog at all
  11. You’re on holidays and want your dog to be fed & exercised beyond your (and her/his) wildest dreams!
  12. PLUS much more…





I wanted to know how Sarah managed to fit and wash that many dogs into the dog wash at the one time!

How and why did you get into working with dogs?


I had a puppy and an adult dog and there was some serious sibling rivalry... Six years later I'm teaching at five puppy schools a week!


What do you love about your job?


I love that it changes each day, I meet people from all walks of life and I learn new stuff every day about myself, dogs and business ownership.


What do you find most challenging?


The most challenging thing to me is trying to keep out of a routine. Learning new things and staying away from the same "rut" some trainers get in with training. There are so many thing out there I want to tackle but not enough hours in the day!


What is the secret to your success?


Honesty, really you are going to have ups and downs but you can't hide anything with dogs. Best you go direct from SYD to BRIS than via Perth!








Whats a typical day for you at work?


5.45 am wake up, doggy day trips, collect dogs until 8.30 am, go to the park. Leave the park about 10.00 am, then off to K9000 dog wash! I use the location finder (would love an app!) to find my nearest dog wash. Then, once the dogs are looking and smelling nice and clean, I drop the dogs back to their owners. I’m home for lunch, do emails and then puppy school at night. I work from Green Cross Vets now inside PetBarns in Brisbane.


When did you discover the K9000 Dog wash?


Well the first one I saw was obviously in Petbarn but it was after going to the beach, the wash was just around the corner… convenient rather than a sandy dog!

Photos Courtesy of Hound Habits DogTraining: (L) Weekly wash at PetBarn for Xerxes (Boerboel), Daisy (Beagle), Nina (Daschund), Benny (ckc) and Neeka (Husky)


How often do you usethe K9000 Dog Wash?


3-4 times a week!


What do you love about the K9000?


I LOVE that is uses good quality shampoos rather than cheap itchy washes.


How many dogs do you wash at the dog wash?


Anywhere between 4-10 at one time (all in ten mins). Yes, I'm a legend I know!


How have you made washing dogs part of your service?


Its really the icing on the cake for the business. The dogs are out for 5hrs or so and return home STUFFED and clean. Most dogs these days are inside or have access and who wants a stinky pooch on the couch?!


Do your customers like that fact that you wash their dogs for them?


Yes totally! They only pay $5 so I only need 2 clients to pay for the whole group which is really good for everyone.


Are you yourself a dog owner?

Dogs Name/s and Breed
Yes of course, I own XERXES (2yrs) the Boerboel and Turais the ridgeback x mastiff (6yrs)


What are the names of the dogs that you regularly care for?


Oh gosh! So many, I would have to list over 100 names!


What is the funniest thing that has happened at the wash?


The best thing that has happened is Ziva jumping in (after I have cleaned it) I have a video for that too!!!




Hound Habits Facebook Page

Hound Habits on Instagram

Hound Habits Website



Hound habits dog training always use k9000 dog washes! So convenient too! Got to love a clean happy tired puppy to come home to!

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