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06th February 2015

Wash Dog at home Vs K9000 Dog Wash

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Can you believe that some people still wash their dogs the hard way?


This is Harry. He loves to play and get dirty with his human friends. Having a wash afterwards is always a pain for Harry & his humans. First they have to chase Harry around the yard, then they have to try and place the big n' bouncy Harry into a bath, then fetch some warm water in a bucket, then shampoo him (hopefully, the shampoo hasn't run out since the last they washed him). It usually takes between 2-3 humans to wash Harry because someone needs to hold him while the other shampoos, and another is there pouring water over him. Talk about a mission! Drying him is a nightmare too, he runs off and then he chews up the towel!

If only they could find an easier way to wash Harry?


Take the stress and dread out of washing your dirty dog at home. Head to your local K9000 Dog Wash where you can wash your dog the relaxing way.
The K9000 Dog Wash is the easiest and cleanest way to wash your dog. Simply deposit your money and you get 10 minutes to shampoo, condition and apply the flea and tick rinse. Because the K9000 DogWash is a fully self contained DIY Dog Wash, it is up to you how you wash your dog. Unlike a hydrobath the K9000 Dog Wash also has a custom built two stage dryer to dry your K9 after washing it. There is also a disinfectant cycle which you can use before or after washing your dog.


Maddi demonstrates how easy it is to wash your dog at the K9000 Dog Wash:



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