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16th December 2014

Macca: the cleanest travelling dog in Australia

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Queenslanders, Dave and Kaz travel around Australia with their white German Shepherd Macca. K9000 Dog Wash are one of their sponsors on their Aussie Tent Adventures. They get to wash their dog for FREE at dog washes all over Australia and so far they have visited 50 of our washes.


Dave, Kaz and Macca have been on the road travelling around Australia for 13 months now and they don’t look like stopping anytime soon. They dropped into Warrnambool on their way through to Mount Gambier to give Macca a wash and to say 'hi' to the team at K9000.

Photo: Dave, Macca and Kaz

Dave and Kaz are living the dream. They sold up their house in Cairns, Queensland, last year, brought a Land Cruiser and drove off into the sunset with their dog Macca.


Macca makes a great travelling partner and "is an excellent traveller," says Dave. Knowing they wanted to travel around Australia one day Makka was trained to socialise with other animals, children and adults. He was also taught to love the car and that has made life easy on the road. His first camping trip took place when he was just 10 weeks old. He spent the whole trip on Kaz’s knee.

“When we set off on our adventure we had a Toyota FJ Cruiser but soon found it wasn't big enough (for Macca) so now we have a Toyota Troop Carrier and Makka is much happier,” laughs Dave.


Dave is a photographer and is using his skills to document their trip on social media. They are being helped along by a number of sponsors that Dave procured to sponsor their trip. One of those sponsors is us. Back in Cairns, Dave washed Macca once a week at the K9000 Dog Wash. He wanted to continue Macca’s routine of cleanliness while on their trip so Dave contacted us to see if we could help him out with sponsorship.


“Makka was introduced to K9000 dog washes from a very early age. As he is white, we would make sure he was washed every week. This would happen at the K9000 at Smithfield, just north of Cairns. He is completely comfortable whilst he is washed. I will open the door, tell him to jump in, I don't use a lead or collar whilst he in in there. I will tell him to turn around a few times during the process and he always does it.” said Dave, “I love K9000 washes because of their ease of operation, the steps for wash, rinse, flea and tick wash and conditioner; all easy to use and very effective. The quality of Makka’s coat is exceptional after a K9000 wash.”


Macca now holds the record for visiting the most dog washes in Australia. Dave has counted up to 50 different dog washes that Macca has visited from the tip of Australia, all the way through to bottom.


I was keen to ask Dave what life was like on the road with a dog. Is it restrictive?



He answered, “When you travel with a dog it does restrict you in some areas, you cant take pets into National Parks so we don't go into them. If camping facilities don't allow dogs, then we don't go there. But to us our dog is a member of our family and you don't travel without a member of your family. The advantages of taking him with us far outweigh the disadvantages. You just make allowances."


It became clear through chatting to Dave, that Macca is a much loved and adored member of Dave and Kaz’s clan. And Dave is right, you definitely don't leave a member of your family behind.






To read more about the adventures of Dave, Kaz and Macca, check out their blog


Here is a video that Dave and Kaz put together on their travels:



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