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16th October 2015

Tru Blu celebrates 10 Years in Manufacturing

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We are super excited to be celebrating 10 Years in manufacturing this October and we want to celebrate our birthday with you!



We would love all our customers to be joining in on the FREE fun that we have organised for our birthday but unfortunately we can’t be everywhere. Ideally, we would love to be throwing parties at all K9000 Dog Wash locations, the whole 800+ but if that were the case, then we’d be partying for a whole two years and then no dog washes would be getting built and our business would go kaput!  And so, we are having our celebration in Warrnambool, at our factory on Sunday 25th October and you are very welcome to join us!


As you see from our flyer, we have a pretty actioned packed day. We have the very popular and talented Colour Angel, and Louis The Balloon Boy, as well as dog washing and a BBQ...And, the Photo Booth that we have booked looks like so much fun! and for you, its all FREE! Check out this video:

K9000 Ten Years of Manufacturing...


K9000 Dog wash celebrates its 10th year in manufacturing this year and it has come a long way since its conception. From humble beginnings, inventing the first coin operated dog wash in his garage, to an international manufacturing company, owner operator Tim Darmanin has built up a successful business that is now internationally recognised.


The K9000 Dog Wash is a Warrnambool based family owned business that manufactures and exports Do-It-Yourself Coin Operated Dog Washes. The company has sold over 1000 machines throughout the world and has distributors in Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Europe. So whether you’re in Israel, the Czech Republic or Warrnambool, if you’re a dog owner, you’re likely to have come across the K9000 Dog Wash.


Dogs of all shapes and sizes love the K9000 Dog Wash. Dog owners love the ease-of-use, the pet-friendly features and the proven performance of the K9000– they can see that it has been designed with the dog’s comfort in mind. It includes a custom-made coating on the floor that pooches’ paws prefer, a hair filtration system to keep the tub clean at all times, and a see-through front window so small dogs don’t feel claustrophobic.


The machine works similar to a coin operated car wash which is no coincidence; the technology is based on the same principles. In his previous employment, Tim Darmanin worked in building and installing automatic car washes throughout Australia.


Tim will tell you that the concept for a coin operated dog wash originated back in 2005, in Hobart, Tasmania. Tim & his former colleague Willy Benter, were installing an automatic carwash at Shiners Jet Wash when they came across a new idea. The owner, had added a dog washing service to his car washing business. He had installed five hydrobath tubs on site that were in regular use.


Tim and Willy noticed that, although the hydrobaths were highly popular, the tubs had a number of issues. Namely, that people took too long to wash their dogs, they were labour intensive and they were costly to run. The tubs had to be filled for each dog, with water warm and soap and then they had to be cleaned out when the dog had finished using it.


One night Tim and Willy watched a customer turn up to wash their dog after hours, the gate was closed and the attendant had gone home and so the customer, his dog and his money, walked away. It was at that moment that they had a light bulb moment. They thought, “What if you were to integrate some car wash technology to turn this hydrobath into a coin operated dog wash?, We could put a coin box on it and make the dog wash work in much the same way as a car wash.”


And so, Tim and Willy went about creating the first ever Do It Yourself -Fully Self Contained- Coin Operated Dog Wash. Between their day jobs and family life, they both spent quite a lot of late nights in Tim’s shed, thinking, talking, planning and building their first prototype. Their hard work paid off.


The first prototype model was basically a hydro bath tub with a cabinet that had a soap dispensing system and a coin operated box. They installed it in country Victoria and it proved to be quite successful. It made the owner money and received great feedback from the customers using it. Tim explains, “We kept the whole thing fairly quiet. We wanted to prove the technology and make sure it all worked first by getting the feedback and then work out where to go from there.”


“From the first prototype to the first K9000 it was a huge progression, it was probably light years difference and we learnt everything from observing the prototype in action,” reflects Tim. “When we got to the point of producing the first stainless steel, fully self-contained K9000 Dog Wash, most of the problems were ironed out.”

Tim left his day job a year into creating the first K9000 Dog Wash and began working on the business full time. The K9000 Dog Wash quickly developed a great reputation as a very reliable machine and the business grew steadily through word of mouth.


They moved from garage to garage building their machines, then into a factory in Walsh Road, then to another factory in Dickson Street and finally, into a large commercial premise on Caramut Road. Not many people know that when they come to wash their dogs at the Caramut Rd K9000 Dog Washes, that the dog wash machines are being manufactured in the factory right behind it.


Tim and Willy ran the business together for 8 years until Willy left the business in 2012.


The machines are installed at car washes, Veterinary practices, Pet Stores, Laundromats, Service stations, convenience stores and as standalone businesses. The K9000 Dog Wash is re-branded and installed in Australia’s major pet retailers, such as My Pet Warehouse, Pet Stock, Pet Barn and Pets Domain. The dog wash has become an essential asset to pet store businesses. The added service brings customers into the pet stores, which leads to an increase in sales.


Tim employs ten local people to fully manufacture, market, sell and install the machines. The K9000 Dog Wash business continues to grow strong with new models being developed and the brand reaching further parts of the world. K9000 has a strong connection to its end-customers through a strong social media following on facebook and instagram. They run a monthly instagram photo competition and a video competition which was won this year by local man, Simon Potts.


People often ask Tim why doesn't he move his business to a major city but Tim and his family love the lifestyle in Warrnambool,

“This is a great business but its not all about money, and I wouldn’t want to sacrifice my family life and our well-being for the sake of potentially making the business bigger. I believe there are benefits to staying regional and staying country as well. A lot of our customers are regional customers and they relate well to regional people. I wouldn't want to change that part of our business.” - Tim.



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