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19th May 2015

Vet plus Dog Wash equals Successful Business

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Have you ever wondered how a K9000 Dog Wash could benefit a veterinary practice?

The answer to this question is particularly relevant for us this week as we head to Brisbane for the 2015 Pan Pacific Veterinary Conference. The AVA (Australian Veterinary Association) Conference is the largest veterinary conference in the Australasian region and only happens once in 5 years. Tim, Campbell and Damian, our New Zealand Distributor, will be spending the week discussing the in and outs of dog washes with veterinarian professionals. We are always excited to head to an Expo and be able to chat face-to-face. So if you’re in Brisbane, come say “hi.”


Photo: You cannot miss our bright pink and blue stall at the AVA Conference. We'll be the guys handing out dog poop bags and lollies! and talking all things dog wash...

To help us explain how a dog wash installed in a veterinary practice is great for business we asked two veterinary practices about their experience of the K9000 Dog Wash.

Here is a short video testimonial from Beleura Veterinary Hospital (Mornington, Victoria).


Owner, Penny Broadbent, testifies that installing two K9000 Dog washes at her Veterinary Hospital has increased the amount of customers to her business. She said often people will come to just wash their dog and end up coming into the practice and booking an appointment. The K9000 Dog Washes are in use every day and has meant extra income and extra clients.








Our second testimonial is from Dr John Stewart (BVSc Hons MRCVS CMAVA), Veterinary Surgeon and photo journalist for

He wrote about the “Relevance of installing a dog wash facility to run alongside a veterinary practice”

“Between the years 2002 and 2008 we ran "The Vet Centre Hallam", a principally small animal vet practice in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. This was a practice that we established from scratch in 2002. We created a vet clinic within the same building as the “Scrub a dub dog wash”. We used the Scrub a Dub Dog wash, a coin operated dog wash business, as a way of building up the numbers of veterinary clients. We grew quickly in a very short space of time.The gross improved from zero to approx $500,000 over 5 years. In addition, the dog washing business was a profitable enterprise in its own right and also a feeder into a dog grooming business and retailing of pet products,” he said.

Dr Stewart was able to increase the amount of clients to the clinic by offering a free health check to customers who were using the dog wash.

“At times when the Vet did not have any consultations either the vet or the nurse would offer to people who came in to wash their dog, a free health check. As most small animal practitioners know, it is unusual not to find something that requires attention when you do a thorough examination on a dog. Although people didn't always opt to get something done at the time, it provided a list of things that they could address at some stage in the future
when they were financial. The common things we found were periodontal disease and the need for a teeth clean (say $150 to $300), lame or “old age stiff” dogs who may need X-Rays and/or surgery and or a course of cartrophen injections (say $120 to $1300) or a lump examined and maybe removed ($500), allergic skin conditions (say $100 to 300), otitis externa (say $100 to 400), overweight dogs etc,” he said.

Providing the K9000 Dog Wash as an extra service has helped build up the cliental of many veterinary practices in Australia. Why not have a chat to our sales team about how we can help you build your business.


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