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04th December 2014

K9000 opens in Singapore

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Dog Wash opens at Dog Run in Singapore


K9000 Dog Wash Owner, Tim Darmanin was in Singapore on the weekend for the grand opening of the ‘Dog Wash’ at West Coast Park.


The DIY Dog Wash is a new concept in Singapore but Tim reports that the locals took to it straight away. People were lining up with their dogs to give them a wash and Tim was more than happy to show them how to use it.


“In general, I am amazed by the dog culture in Singapore,” said Tim. “Their dogs are in awesome condition; preened and pampered regularly. They looked fantastic!”


The West Coast Park is one of Singapore’s National Parks. Unlike Australian National Parks, most of Singapore’s parks are ‘dog friendly’ and the West Coast Park has a Dog Run, which is an off lead area where dogs can run, play and be dogs.



(Picture) Charlie (child) and Sumo (Dog) try out the new DIY Dog Wash


“I was excited to see the positive reaction of the local Singaporeans using the K9000 Dog Wash for the first time. The West Coast Park project is a great example to demonstrate how the K9000 can operate in public land spaces’” said Tim.

Dog Wash, run by Vishmi De Silva, is Asia’s leading D-I-Y dog washing company and the exclusive provider of the industry leading K9000 Dog Wash. They identified West Coast Park as a perfect place for a Dog Wash. What better time to wash your dog than after a big play in the park?

“So far the feedback has been very positive. People love the fact that it is so quick and easy. The Fido’s products are not widely available in the market and people absolutely love the smell,” said Vishmi.


Vishmi and her husband were introduced to the K9000 Dog Wash while holidaying in Perth, Western Australia, in 2012. They saw a great opportunity for D-I-Y dog washing in Singapore.

“We love animals and it is a growing market in Asia, so we had always talked about entering the market somehow. On a trip back home to Australia 3 years ago, we drove past a K9000 in Dunsborough, backed up the car, had a look at the machine, rang Tim and the rest is history,” said Vishmi.


“With 57,000 registered dogs in 2012 and growing, there is an increasing consciousness around the needs and wants of pets in Singapore. Coupled with the often close proximity between ‘fur-kid’* and owner, the prevalence of brown ticks and the tropical climate, we saw the opportunity to cut a small but important niche in the market,” said Vishmi.

In Singapore Vishmi has worked with the Singapore Government to bring the K9000 Dog wash to Singapore. She first proposed the idea under the First Mover Advantage Framework, a platform for entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas, run by the Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP), which is a public-private partnership under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Dog Wash Pte Ltd has been granted a trial at at West Coast park after getting the approval from the organisation, which paired Dog Wash Singapore with National Parks for the West Coast Park pilot programme.




“Obtaining a “First Mover Advantage” for bringing innovation to Singapore has greatly assisted with our marketing and PR. We have appeared in government commissioned videos and the national papers (both English and Mandarin),” said Vishmi.


Whether it is time stretched professionals, those with small kids, or even the most attentive of pet lovers – the K9000 Dog Wash encourages direct interaction between ‘fur-kids’ and their owners.

“Apart from the fact that we love using it ourselves, the best part is watching owners with their pets – it’s always a great experience and it is so fun to watch how even the toughest looking people interact with their dogs,” said Vishmi.




Dog Wash, Singapore was founded on the back of a love for pets, and is partnering with charitable groups at each of their locations.

“Whilst our business is a commercial operation, we use it to give back. $1 from every $10 dog goes to a dog charity. We have different charities for different sites and we aim to use the sites to help bring awareness of the fact that dogs are becoming an increasing part of the community,” said Vishmi.


Ten percent of all revenue from the West Coast Park Dog Run will be donated to Action for Singapore Dogs, a non-profit organization with the mission of improving the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore.


Dog Wash Singapore has intentions of establishing up to 25 machines in Singapore, as well as expanding into the remainder of Asia. In this regard, Dog Wash will look to partner with veterinary practices, pet stores, condominiums and other lifestyle businesses.



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* (Picture) 'Fur Kids' in Singapore

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