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18th November 2014

Groom Easy, too easy!

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Grooming your dog has just become easy: Groom Easy that is…

The team at K9000 are very excited to launch the Groom Easy Dog Wash, created and built specifically for Dog Groomers.


K9000 owner, Tim Darmanin, identified a need in the grooming industry for a dog wash that is easy-to-use, safe, affordable and efficient. Based on proven K9000 technology, Tim developed the Groom Easy dog wash- the best dog wash solution for any dog grooming business.

The machine can increase your efficiency because you can wash a dog in less time than in a hydrobath. It is also much safer to use for both you and your customers’ dog. It is cheaper per dog because it uses less soap. Yet, its still a DIY option that you can sell to the public to make some extra cash.


“The Groom Easy is an awesome tool that will make your life easier. Its easier on your body, your back and your wrists. The machine comes with swivels, meaning you don’t have to bend over or lift dogs, you can get in close,” says Tim. He did have you in mind when he developed it.



Groom Easy from K9000 Dog Wash on Vimeo.

Our Dog Wash answer for Dog Groomers.
Introducing Groom Easy by Tru Blu K9000 Dog Wash:
Groom Easy by K9000

*Based on the Proven K9000 Design and Functionality
*Increase grooming efficiency
*Doubles as a DIY option - New Income stream
*Timed key Start function
*Your Branding - Great Promotional Tool.






Tim believes the Groom Easy dog wash is hugely markable to dog groomers’ customers.


“The Groom Easy provides an awesome opportunity for a little grooming salon to have their (custom) graphics on the machine. The machine acts like a centre piece of the store. If they’re doing any marketing, it looks like they have something unique to them,” says Tim.


The Groom Easy appeals to a diverse range of grooming salons and dog businesses such as boarding kennels, pet resorts and doggy daycare. Owning a machine gives customers more reason to visit your business and offers another service to your existing customers.


“The business owner may want to have the machine out the front of their business. Customers who use the doggy day care facilities see the machine and go, ‘Hey I might come back and give the dog a wash between other services,’ suggests Tim.



Many of the features of the Groom Easy are the same as the hugely successful K9000 Dog Wash machine.


It has the same functionality, the same non-slip floor, the same hair filtration, the same pumps and the same componentry.

“As far as the customer is concerned, they are going to have the same experience. Their dogs are going to be happy and safe. It is easy to access, the water is warm and the dryers are a safe temperature. As far as they're concerned, they are getting the same result,” reports Tim.


One thing we have done with the Groom Easy machines that is different, is to make refillable containers. This allows Dog Groomers to use any type of (soap) products in the machine. Their personalised soap products may not be generic sized containers so this option allows them to tip the soap products in.


You may be wondering about the price difference between the K9000 and the Groom Easy. The Groom easy is cheaper because of the basic construction and less security features. It does not use money so there is less reason for anyone to break into it, therefore no need for high security.


It is a bare bones price. It comes with two pumps which is a shampoo and conditioner function and the dryer is standard. Everything else is an add on. You have got your hot water, you add an extra pump or two, you can add a coin mec, and add the security. It starts as a groomer but can end up pretty much close to a K9000 if you add. You get to build what you want and need.


If you would like to learn more about the K9000® or Groom Easy, please contact us today.


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