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23rd January 2015

Shiners Jet Wash (Hobart)

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We want to share with you how our customers have successfully incorporated the K9000 Dog Wash into their business and how their business has grown and benefited from the K9000 Dog Wash.


Meet one of our very first customers. Bob Clapham, owner of Shiners and KarWosh Car and Dog Wash (Hobart), was a big inspiration in the invention of the Tru Blu K9000 Dog Wash.


Here, he answers a few simple questions for us.


Tell us about your Business:

We have two carwashes in Hobart northern suburbs at present, though initially we had one that was under pressure from a neighbouring one so we decided to get into dogwashing in August 1997 to supplement our income. We bought a fibreglass, simple, propriety dogwash from Melbourne and went into action. By 2004 we were operating 5 of these when 'Tru Blu' realised the potential and decided to design and build a proper alternative.


How long have you owned a K9000?

We bought two of the first dozen built.They were way beyond expectations.


Video: K9000 Beginnings


Where did the idea come from to create the K9000? Tasmania of course! Watch the story of how Tim Darmanin and his workmate thought up this amazing invention. This video features an interview with Bob Clapham (the inspiration behind the coin operated DIY dog wash).


To make a long story short, Tim & his workmate were installing an automatic carwash machine at Shiners in Hobart when they noticed that Bob had some hydobaths set-up with people and their dogs lining up to use them. Tim thought it was a good idea to have a dog wash at a car wash but he thought, if you made a dog wash that used similar technology to a car wash so it was DIY and coin-operated, now that would be a brilliant idea.




How did you advertise the K9000 when you got it? did it work?

We already had the customers.


What impact has the K9000 had on your business?

Because they are self - serve we saved one unit of labour.


What do your customers say about the K9000?

We have regained some customers from a more recent carwash that installed 2 inferior dogwashes


How would you rate K9000 service & support?

We now have 5 Tru Blu/ K9000 dogwashes and have rarely needed any help or support, but it is always accessible should I need it.


What do you love about the K9000?



Approx how much time a week is spent cleaning/maintaining your K9000?

Very little, most people leave them fairly clean


Do you feel that adding the K9000 to your business has been a worthwhile return on investment?

For us they were too successful and every new car wash has installed at least one of some description in opposition to ours.


What would you say to someone who was looking at offering DIY dog wash at their site?

An excellent idea as long as it is nowhere near ours.

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