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23rd March 2016


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We are very pleased and excited to be announcing the winners of our 2016 annual video competition. We love seeing dogs of all sizes and breeds being washed at dog washes all over Australia and its so cool to know that the people who wash their dogs at our dog washes are so clever, cool and creative!
Thank you to all our entrants who created a film for this years K9000 Dog Wash Video competition. We are super stoked by the number and quality of entrants in this years competition. We received entrants from all over Australia and even as far away as New Zealand. We really appreciate the time taken, thought and creative vision of our competition entrants in creating these awesome films. And we are super excited to able to share their films on our website and on our social media channels for others to enjoy.
Okay, lets check them out….
FIRST PRIZE WINNER -  The RUFF Interview by Olivia Scofield

We laughed our pants off watching Hugo and Rupert discussing whether Hugo is dirty enough to be washed in a K9000® Dog Wash! Olivia has WON 1ST PRIZE - GoPro Hero4 Black edition and Accessories. The package includes a GoPro Fetch Harness, 64 GB Lexar Memory card, Grab bag of mounts and Jaws flex clamp.
Is Hugo dirty enough for a K9000® Dog Wash? In the short film, "The RUFF Interview", Hugo, a fluffy Groodle pup, is interviewed by K9000® Dog Wash expert Rupert, a mature aged Groodle, to determine how dirty Hugo really is and if he is mucky enough to be washed in a K9000® Dog Wash!
Olivia Schofield was the creative director, editor, scriptwriter and cinematographer (with assistance from Jamey Clinch for the drone shot) for this short film.
Olivia has been making shorts films for a few years now and finds the process very rewarding in itself. She incorporates her dogs, friends and family as much as possible. In "The RUFF Interview" she had the help of her Granddad as the voice for Rupert!
SECOND PRIZE WINNER - Molly Loves her K9000 Dog Wash by Patrick Kenny

Is there anything that this dog can't do??? Molly we love your energy and playful personality! CONGRATULATIONS Patrick Kenny! You have won yourself a 16 GB IPad Mini 4 - Wifi + Cellular.
Molly loves every day to the full. She and her best friend Lonnie are a joy to watch as they chase balls, play backyard games and have fun in the dog park. Life is never boring around Molly, but keeping her clean and well-groomed is not always easy.  A trip to the K9000 Dog Wash keeps everyone happy.
Molly Loves Her K9000 Dog Wash was filmed, edited and directed by Partick Kenny. Patrick lives on the NSW Central Coast and has been retired for a few years now. He is an enthusiastic amateur photographer/video maker.  Border collies have always been a big part of his life and he loves photographing and filming his dogs.
THIRD PRIZE WINNER - Dolly’s Day Out by Luke Kelly, Indi Morrison and Adam Kelly

CONGRATULATIONS Luke Kelly for coming 3rd in our K9000 Dog Wash Video Competition! We were are so glad Dolly no longer smells and has new owners that love her- just another K9000 Dog Wash success story really...
Luke has won a Doggy Hamper - treats/leads/dog soap/balls.
After wandering through the wild, Dolly, a smelly and lonely puppy is looking for a home. After numerous rejections due to her foul odour and dishevelled appearance she is taken in by a couple under one iron clad agreement, she must be cleaned. The ensuing scenes illustrate how the K9000 functions, whilst Dolly is cleaned and accepted by the couple as their own.
Dolly's Day Out was created by Indi Morrison (Director), Adam Kelly (Camera) and Luke Kelly (Editor). Indi and Luke are a local Warrnambool couple in their early twenties They have always had an interest for film making. Indi is a travel consultant with Helloword, whilst Luke is an accountant at SHB Business & Wealth Advisers


And, announcing our NEW video prize category...


14 year old Alex Droste from Warrnambool has created this gorgeous video about the adventures of her dog Kelsey for the 2016 K9000 Video Competition. The judges loved it so much that they have created a special prize for Alex - a $200 gift voucher - and have created a new competition category 'Best video from 10-18 year old'. Congratulations Alex!


Alex loves surfing and spending time training with the Warrnambool Surf Club. She loves being active outside, spending heaps of time at the beach with her friends and Kelsey (her dog).
Alex explains how she created her film,


“Kelsey is our family pet and I wanted to make a film to show all the things she loves doing and how much she loves the water. I made the film all by myself. I have a water action camera that I filmed it with and I finished editing the movie on my iPad.”

Alex said about the competition,

“I found out about the competition on Facebook and I filmed my movie at the river near my house and at the local beach. There is a K9000 Dog Wash on Mortlake Rd in Warrnambool which is not far from our home. I entered this competition because I love making little movies and taking photos, and I love my dog Kelsey.”



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