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20th March 2015

Meet our WINNERS!

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Simon and Lucas Potts, a father and son team, were the well-deserved winners of our dog wash video competition. Residing in Warrnambool, the pair created a short story about their dog Lego, and her across-town adventure to the dog wash (yes, “her”, you might be excused for thinking Lego is a boy, like we first did.)

Picture: Simon and his family, dropped into the Warrnambool K9000 Dog Wash office to pick up their prize and meet the owner, Tim Darmanin.


Creating "Bath-time Lego"


Our in-house filmmaker, Colleen, interviewed Simon and Lucas about their win and about their filmmaking process. It turns out that their film only took three hours to create! One hour spent filming and two hours spent on editing. That’s one quick film. However, Simon admits that he did spend days thinking up the idea before they began creating it and he did have a very strong plan.




In this video, Simon & Lucas reveal how they made the film.


Simon filmed his film on his iPhone and used the ground, and a steady hand, to stabilise his shots. The quality of his film is quite incredible for something filmed on a phone. Originally, they planned to film on the quad-copter (AKA drone) but they tried that and it didn’t look very good. In fact, from an aerial perspective, Lego looked like a small black dot moving across the screen.






“Bath-time Lego” a great example to show what can be achieved in a short amount of time and on a camera that almost everyone has in their pocket!


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