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Tru Blu Dog Wash is the home of the now world famous K9000® DIY Coin Operated Dog Wash. The K9000® is created with superior materials, clever construction techniques and the best componentry available, combining to create an incredibly hard working Dog Wash, designed to make you money. Put simply the K9000® Dog Wash advantage is its durability over time.


The K9000® Dog Wash story is one of a product inspired by a dream, built with passion and evolved through customer feedback. We believe our commitment to quality, the long term durability and the support framework set the K9000® DIY Dog Wash apart from its competitors.

For the person looking to find one of our Dog Washes, you can follow the link to

For investors, operators and people researching the K9000® opportunity, we trust you enjoy the website, or should you require further details contact us.


    • 06 Feb 2015

      Wash Dog at home Vs K9000 Dog Wash

      Can you believe that some people still wash their dogs the hard way?   This is Harry. He loves to play and get dirty with his human friends. Having a wash afterwards...   

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    • 23 Jan 2015

      Shiners Jet Wash (Hobart)

      We want to share with you how our customers have successfully incorporated the K9000 Dog Wash into their business and how their business has grown and benefited from the K9000...   

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